Breadth of Industry Experience

TLC Group’s client-side ERP experience and expertise with leading discrete manufacturing ERP software helps companies across industries achieve operational and financial success. Each engagement is tailored to the specific needs of your industry and customized to align with your unique business processes and goals. These integrated industry solutions provide you with the visibility you need to maximize revenue, profitability, and growth.


Aerospace & Defense

aerospace-defenseAerospace and defense companies must meet customer demand within an unpredictable market environment. TLC Group offers industry experts who can help ensure you have the processes and ERP systems to respond and thrive.


automotiveThe automotive industry must keep pace with a fast-changing market. TLC Group helps automotive manufacturers employ systems that enhance the company’s response to change and meet the demands of speed across the entire business.


As part of the Chemicals industry, you are faced with needed to respond faster to customer’s demands while still maintaining profitability and keep pricing competitive. TLC Group helps companies succeed by integrating business processes, manufacturing, CRM, and financial data.


Furniture, window, and door manufacturers are turning to configuration software to cut turnaround time for orders by streamlining business processes across the company. TLC Group’s consultants are experts at deploying ERP software to aid configuration for custom orders.

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage manufacturers require predictable solutions to help meet the challenge of compliance, global supply chain management, and fixed business systems. TLC Group helps the Food & Beverage industry gain a competitive advantage.

High Tech & Electronics

In the ultra-competitve technology industry, manufacturers must be cost-focused without supply chain disruptions. Through business process improvement and purpose-built ERP solutions, TLC Group helps manufacturers stay competitive in a tough market.

Industrial Equipment & Machinery

equipment-machineryEquipment and machinery manufacturers require visibility for both themselves and parts suppliers. By implementing TLC’s methodologies that fit the company’s processes, TLC Group helps equipment and machinery manufacturers improve operational and financial visibility throughout the entire business.

Industrial Manufacturing

industrial-manufacturingIndustrial fabrication and engineering companies work with custom specifications parts from a variety of suppliers. TLC Group helps these companies gain better quality, predictability, and financial visibility through an often fragmented supply chain.


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