TLC will help you optimize your entire operation — from inventory and warehouse management to financials, multichannel orders, and purchasing, backed by more than 250 years of combined experience.

  • Powerful, proven methodologies suite to the demands of your unique industry.
  • Stay flexible and be able to scale and grow to meet your complex business needs across geographies.
  • Achieve optimal stakeholder buy-in.


As a building materials distributor, you need to hold enough inventory to supply your customers as the seasons change. You also need to have greater order entry flexibility, coordinate contractor jobs more efficiently, better manage inbound and outbound truck activity, and use your shipping resources more wisely to improve your sales process.
Designed specifically to meet the needs of electrical distributors, TLC enables you to: manage unique inventory requirements like cable and wire, handle complex pricing and rebate requirements, offer value-added services, and meet job management requirements.
To succeed today, your industrial distribution business must respond more quickly to changing customer demands. That means establishing end-to-end control of your operations to improve inventory accuracy and reduce your overall spend. You also need to be able to respond quickly to price fluctuations in order to stay ahead of the competition and boost your net profitability.
To improve margins and boost customer satisfaction in today’s competitive environment, your JanSan distribution business needs to manage a broader range of products for your customers. You must expand inventories into new categories and find better ways to forecast inventory and reconcile customer order quantities through flexible units of measure, along with automated self-service.
As a plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (PHVAC) equipment and spares business, you have to hold enough inventory to supply your customers as the seasons change. You need to expedite your sales process with tools for quickly finding the right product, even if it means sourcing non-stocks and special orders to complete orders. Plus, you need to manage warranty and service on parts efficiently to build your bottom line.
Food & Beverage distributors not only have to maintain high customer service levels, but must also be able to execute a high volume of orders and deliveries reliably and efficiently, in a short time window and on extremely thin margins. Whether you distribute fresh, chilled, frozen, dried, or canned food, or any kind of beverage, you need a flexible business solution that allows you to accurately manage and predict demand for your products at all points in your network.


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