High tech and electronics customers roll out entirely new generations of technology every few months, in accordance with Moore’s Law. Manufacturers are also grappling with fundamental shifts in customer demand. The rise of mobile computing and communications places an emphasis on smaller form-factor devices such as tablets as opposed to the traditional desktop or laptop computer. Supply chains need to retool to adjust to this new environment. Tech industry firms also must address supply chain resilience. The 2011 floods in Thailand, which impacted the supply of hard disks, is an example of a disruption companies seek to minimize.

  • Bring products to market faster while meeting regulatory requirements and satisfy consumer demands.
  • Streamline and simply communication with customers, partners, and suppliers.
  • Achieve optimal stakeholder buy-in with easy to understand methodologies.


TLC methodologies will help control costs and maintain a collaborative environment for both customers and suppliers for your high tech and electronics company. With our industry-specific experts, you’ll be able to draw industry proven knowledge to manage products from concept to implementation with tools that can handle the complexities of mass customization and new product introductions through to aftermarket service and warranties.
TLC can help you synchronize your supply chain with customers and partners, so you can increase your speed of innovation and better meet ever-evolving customer demands. TLC’s methodologies for industrial electronics give you better visibility across your supply chain and the ability to easily communicate with partners about inventory and order changes.
The communications equipment industry is as much about service as it is about manufacturing. With TLC’s methodologies, you’ll have the capabilities you need to build the parts your customers require and ensure they have the right components when they need them.
TLC will help you have solutions that address the nuances of your medical device business. You get an FDA-compliant IT infrastructure, established protocols, and validation scripts, in a single platform for cross-functional process automation and closed loop reporting, so you can meet regulatory requirements.
Meet customer demands with improved on-time delivery, despite ongoing demand fluctuations and new technology introductions. TLC’s methodologies help you more easily incorporate new manufacturing techniques and engage new suppliers to give your customers the products and services the need for the increasingly digitized world.
Provide your customers the highest quality solutions and be their number one supplier—all while demanding the same quality from your suppliers. Ensure OEMs treat you as an extension of their factory floor, enabling collaboration that allows everyone to work as a single enterprise.


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