Industrial Machinery and Equipment manufacturers must maintain a commitment to technological & process innovation in order to retain their leadership in a highly competitive global marketplace. Success requires tightly integrated processes paired with the ability to continuously assess and improve product designs, manufacturing efficiency, product quality, and service.

  • Manage complex business requirements with specifically designed approaches by our Industrial Equipment and Machinery experts.
  • Stay flexible and be able to scale and grow to meet your complex business needs across geographies.
  • Achieve optimal stakeholder buy-in with easy to understand methodologies.


Manufacturers of appliances and the electronic components that go into them rely on TLC methodologies to help manage businesses faced with shrinking product margins, shorter life cycles, and volatile demand patterns driven by consumer trends.
Manufacturers of equipment used in farming, construction, mining, and oil and gas rely on TLC’s methodologies to help them design, build, and maintain equipment that performs to high standards. These proven methodologies give you the ability to manage extended service contracts, so you can keep equipment running without unexpected downtime.
Manufacturers of industrial equipment meeting exacting specifications, like those required within commercial heating and refrigeration, turn to TLC’s methodologies to manage a large volume of serialized parts and product configurations.
The Industrial Machinery segment covers a wide range of cutting, rolling, fabricating, printing, and packaging capabilities. This complex machinery must meet exact cross-industry specifications and provide reliable performance. TLC’s methodologies help you manage the process, from design to production through quality inspection.
Industrial Power manufacturers provide mission-critical equipment used as components in other industrial products or as stand-alone solutions that keep facilities running. No wonder the big names in industrial power turn to TLC’s methodologies to help you manage product lifecycles, from cradle to grave. No other consulting partner supports the range of capabilities needed to provide these high quality and reliable products.
Manufacturers of material handling equipment, like conveyors and forklifts, rely on TLC’s methodologies to help manage the complex ETO and MTO process involved in manufacturing equipment that will be used in highly critical situations. When there can be no doubt about safety and reliability, TLC gives you the confidence your customers demand.
Manufacturers of transport vehicles, like ships and locomotives, have highly specialized needs. TLC’s methodologies step up to the challenge by offering in-depth, proven solutions for the complete product lifecycle management of transport vehicles, from complex engineering designs to MTO production and ongoing maintenance of critical assets.


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