Experts in Operational Success

Software solutions and internal processes either provide the leading edge or take it away. Companies often believe that software alone is the solution to their issues. Although software automation is an important aspect and solution for successful companies, top enterprises also stay ahead of the competition by utilizing the latest operations software functionality and incorporating it wherever they can.

Our primary goal is to help companies achieve operational success. We offer all of the services needed to help you improve your operations from an efficiency perspective and a compliance perspective. We set ourselves apart by working to realign your business operations and by ensuring your software implementation is a true success


Software implementation requires a large time commitment from companies, even when they have a software reseller assisting. Company employees must manage their regular jobs and add in the extra tasks needed to implement software automation.

Small and medium-size companies often lack the bandwidth needed to properly automate. Finding qualified experts who know the business and can help with internal tasks can be an additional challenge. TLC Group, Inc. understands these challenges. Our team not only has industry knowledge, but also has worked in your shoes. We know what you need as a company to succeed and the right way to get there in an efficient and timely manner. TLC consultants can take an advisory approach or roll up their sleeves and help you get the job done. We strive to tailor our approach to your needs.

TLC’s comprehensive approach is based on our customer’s needs and on delivering the most value in the least amount of time. TLC’s services guide the entire implementation process for your business, thus reducing stress and providing you with the tools to be successful.


CFOs are often apprehensive with software automation due to the significant implementation costs and the future updates necessary to keep pace with business growth. For this reason, selecting the right software solution is critical to avoid unforeseen costs. However, most software vendors are not qualified to objectively select and evaluate a software solution that prevents additional costs due to the complexity and growth of your company.

With real-world industry experience, TLC goes beyond the typical software implementation to help you prepare and plan your software project while avoiding overrun costs, meeting deadlines, and selecting the right software for your company’s dynamics. Unlike most software vendors that leave you with unpredicted costs, TLC will give you predictable profits.