Our Approach

At TLC Group, we believe that a software solution is only as good as those who implement it.  Unfortunately, most VARs of manufacturing software fall short because they lack the ability to bridge the gap between technology and the company’s business processes. Our approach is different because we make business our first priority and technology second.

Evaluation & Selection

We put our client’s needs and requirements at the forefront of our partnership by conducting a complete analysis of the business and possible software solutions. In order to assist in selecting the best solution for a company, we ask questions like “ What are the organizational needs of the technology solution?” and “What software features will fit with the growth of the company?”. By evaluating current business processes, IT alignment, and the solutions needed, we are able to sell the solutions that will generate results faster.

Using a pragmatic and methodological approach, we assess all business processes from financial transactions to customer data. We take the time to evaluate the company’s current processes, the amount of visibility over these processes, and the level of control executives have over these business processes. When companies gain an understanding of current business processes, software solutions work optimally to generate rapid ROI.

Bridging the Gap Between IT & Business

Business metrics come first. Period. While IT is quickly making its way into manufacturing companies, business metrics must still be the standard. When a client needs to align IT and business processes, most often due to growing pains, we focus on business values first. Having worked in manufacturing companies ourselves, we have experienced the tribulation of IT and business disconnect before and know how to solve these multifaceted alignment issues.

Partners in Project Management

Throughout the software implementation process, success falls into the hands of those who are responsible for key implementation activities including holding those involved accountable, checking-and-balancing available resources, and maintaining the project pace. As one might presume, these activities add a significant amount of responsibility for company team members.  At TLC, we partner with clients to provide project management support and are also willing to take complete project management responsibilities if a company lacks the resources to manage a project internally. From generating software buy-in from company team members to managing schedules, TLC will make project management a priority.

By leveraging the expertise of TLC Group and the business applications we provide, your company can ensure your systems will adapt as you grow, improve productivity, and lead to high ROI.  Contact TLC today to discover the opportunities that exist for your manufacturing systems.


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